The Hardest Part

Thank you to everyone who gave their answer on insta to what they believe to be the hardest part of being vegan. There were a few themes that emerged.

Firstly, a number of people missed certain foods. Finding out that Yorkshire puddings weren’t vegan was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to go through. I will pay someone a million internet points for finding a vegan recipe.

But the biggest theme for most people seems to be “non-vegans”. I know this isn’t because vegans prefer animals to humans (some probably do) but because non-vegans won’t bloody turn vegan!

This subject is far too large to cover here but I’d like to bring up a few minor frustrations:

Firstly, the “I could never give up cheese” argument -_-

Secondly, they ask you “so why are you vegan?” Then proceed to give you all the reason they eat meat and dairy. I know exactly why you eat these things! I did too! And I am not attacking you by making a decision based on my conscience.

I’m not sure what the final answer to dealing with non-vegans is, but I’ll give it a go:

1) Show them how easy it is
2) Try not to die from a deficiency (this will be tough)
3) Don’t get too preachy. I joke. Hallelujah!
4) Try not to make people feel guilty. Chances are that you weren’t vegan all your life (probably). You probably wouldn’t have turned vegan if you associated vegans with people who made you feel bad all the time.

Good luck. Stay vegan.

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